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Welcome to the Liverpool Front House Gallery

The artwork exhibited here, has been created by artists who are participating in the Face of the City arts project.


Front Cover of Gordon Millwards Book of poetry

Gordon milward

New Poetry Book by - Gordon W Milward.

Gordon is a Volunteer at Liverpool Neuro Support Centre, Norton Street, Liverpool.

This inspirational book is on SALE at the Centres information desk, priced just £3:00.


How each of us will cope in the face of adversity is difficult to predict. We are fortunate if in the face of an illness we find an inner strength and sense of humour. Gordon’s poems vividly describe the variability in day to day life with a chronic disease and its impact on those who share it with him. The frustration in not being able to perform the simple things is plain to see. Yet his sense of humour and modesty brings light and optimism to those who share Gordon’s experiences.

I read the anthology after the end of a busy day. Somehow I felt much the better for so doing. I’m sure you will too. 

                                         Dr. Malcolm Steiger MBBS,MD,FRCP

                                                                       Consultant Neurologist


GWM: My name is Gordon after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a part of my brain is closing down and a creative part has opened up and I am now writing poetry which I never did before.This illness I describe as a parasite the constant battle to keep the mind and brain working.We must never give in we may win the battle but not the war. OUR INDEPENDANCE IS THE LAST VESTAGE OF OUR RIGHTS TO SURVIVE.

You will be amazed by his poetic verse and their depth of meaning. For more information on GORDON MILWARDS visit his blog:

Gordon Milward


Photograph of Gordon Milward with his Poetry displayed at the Nuero Support Centre as part of their "2008 Face Of The City" arts project Exhibition.


gregory brennan

Greg Brennan - Royal Liver.

Title of photograph - SUNRISE OVER LIVERPOOL. liverpool Sky - Photograph by Gregory Brennan



GREG BRENNAN - "I have only recently taken up Photography and have mainly concentrated my sights on the Liverpool waterfront area.  I find that photography opens up your imagination and definitely makes you appreciate not only how beautiful this city is but life itself. I was a founding member of The Liverpool Mural Project which was commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company in 2008. We were asked to produce the Liverpool/Irish mural now adorning the Picket music venue off Jamaica Street. for the 2008 Capital of Culture year.

I feel that art in all its diversities needs to be embraced by one and all. It is fantastic that organisations like Liverpool Front House actively encourage employers to put on exhibitions of their employees work . Liverpool is a rich tapestry of talent and with the encouragement of groups like Liverpool Front House it can continue to be at the forefront of modern day art."

Visit Greg Brennans Flickr site to view more of his beautiful photographs.


Gemma Puplett standing next to her artwork exhibited at Aintree Hospital

Gemma Puplett

Administrator- Occupational Health. Aintree University Hospital.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

The Face of the City project has inspired me to get my paint brushes out and I have chosen a famous Liverpool landmark for my subject. Situated in the largest group of Grade 1 listed buildings in the UK, the Albert Dock showcase the best of the city in a wonderful waterfront setting. This is the first time I have used oils and I hope to follow this up with further cityscapes.

Gemma is exhibiting her artwork at Aintree University Hospital, along with her colleagues: Dr Huw Lewis-Jones, Ian. P. Knowles, Maureen Ashkar, Patricia Harvey, Ian Lovett, Alun Murrow, Phil Kitts, Lynne Poll. Full details of the above artists will be displayed on this website ASAP. View their Creative Talents at Aintree University Hospital.

Anthony Gormally statue with biodegradable costume

Edge 08 Attack - Design for Performance - Students.

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk. Lancs.

The biodegradable costume was created live at Crosby beach 14th Feb 2008. Students made a life size replica of a costume chosen from a paintingfrom the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool. The "Attack" was a finale to the costume construction work the students undertook with costume designer Monica Aslanian.


Please visit our News & Events page for full details of the event.

Thumbnail detail of artwork by Pamela Holstein Horse I - Pamela Holstein

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Medium : Dry point print, on paper.

"I'm delighted to be involved in the project, as an artist who is outside of a studio group and working mainly in a traditional medium. I'm glad to have the opportunity to get exposure for my work and also to highlight the fact that not all artists teach or work in galleries. We are everywhere."

Lancashire Farm Track -

Anthony Doherty.

Liverpool John Moores University

“It’s a marvelous idea. Face of the City is releasing the out-of-hours talents of those who work and study right here, while all eyes are upon us. For me it’s the ideal catalyst for renewed creativity, new beginnings for ideas so often put on the back-burner. Exhibiting my paintings in the City’s most vibrant year yet is an uplifting and inspiring prospect.”

Robin - Shelly Turner

Liverpool Charity & Voluntary Services

Medium : Colour photography



Thumbnail detail of artwork by Ian FitzpatrickMask - Ian Fitzpatric

Liverpool Charity & Voluntary Services

Medium : Colour photograph
Ian Fitzpatric no longer works at LCVS.

Thumbnail detail of artwork by Ged SimpsonSummer Morning Cheshire - Ged Simpson

Medium : Colour photograph

Neptune Theatre - Ian Kearvel


Medium : Digital Photography

                A young thespian listening intently to his Director.


The bard, the don, the cock and the crow, present themselves at the critics show.           

    Paul Miller