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Browse below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, if you can't find the answer here please feel free to contact us with any enquiry you have.

Q: What is Face of the City?

A: Face of the City is the title of the Liverpool City Region's Working Community Arts Project.

The aim of the project was to encourage merseyside's working population to create their own artworks and exhibitions, then display them at their own workplaces throughout the city region, as part of Liverpool's European Capital of Culture celebration in 2008. The project is continueing into 2009 and beyond.

There was a perception that the Capital of Culture was only for those who already had an involvement in art and culture. Many people just saw themselves as being passive onlookers rather than active participants, Face of the City was designed to provide the opportunity for individual companies, organisation's, staff and service users to take their first steps to fulfil their potential as artists and performers.

Q: Who are Liverpool Front House?

A: Liverpool Front House is a charitable trust, formed 10th October 2006, with the help and advice of Liverpool Charity & Voluntary Services (LCVS). The four LFH trustees work for the trust on a voluntary basis, and are committed to the success of the Face of the City arts project.

Unrelated to LFH, all four trustees work full-time for National Museums Liverpool. The trustees are: Ian Foster, Paul Miller, Charlotte Stead, Liz Stewart for more information please see out About Liverpool Front House page.

Q: Who is taking part in Face of the City?

A: The project is gaining momentum on Merseyside, BBC Radio Merseyside’s Mick Ord and Roger Phillips have been working with LFH to promote and develop the project since April 06.

Apart from the projects main partners and sponsors: BBC Radio Merseyside, National Museums Liverpool and Merseyside Expanding Horizons, offers of support have come from Councilor Flo Clucas, Phil Redmond and Charlotte Corrie his OPEN CULTURE coordinator, Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services, Brava Design, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, PCS Union, Liverpool Business, Liverpool Echo & Daily Post, Merseytravel, The Albert Dock Company, 08Businessconnect and Blackburne House SSE (School of Social Entrepreneurs).

Further expressions of support and participant interest have come from staff at Liverpool TUC, Cooperative Bank, Bibby Distribution, Merseyside Youth Association, Our Lady and St. Nicholas church, Tate Gallery Liverpool, Merseyside Fire Service, Merseyside Police, Hill Dickenson Solicitors, and the Lord Nelson Hotel.

Face of the City coordinator Paul Miller will contact every business, organisation and service provider in the city region, inviting them to participate in the project. Please help with this momentous task by spreading the word, it’s our city, it’s our community, it’s your artwork that’s needed to make the project a success.

Q: How can I get involved in Face of the City?

A: Each workplace needs a Project Coordinator, if you have organisational skills and are prepared to work voluntarily to develop your workplace exhibition/display, please complete the prospective participant form and return to Liverpool Front House.

Q: Who can take part in Face of the City?

A: The project is aimed at Liverpool city regions working community, this includes employers, employees, companies, organisation's, charities, voluntary workers, religious groups, emergency services, local and national government bodies, hospital and care staff, day centres, educational establishments, public and private transport, street traders, busker's, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, Legal, and the media, to name but a few.

If you work in Merseyside, Liverpool Front House wants you to participate.

Q: What type of artwork can be submitted to Face of the City?

A: There are no restrictions to the type of artwork or display you can submit, the content of the exhibitions is at the discretion of the artists and sponsors who are funding the artistic displays at their own premises.

Themes and content don't have to be about Liverpool, the city is a true mix of cultures and creativity, let your imagination run wild LFH will do it's best to show the world how talented you are. Please remember the exhibition space you have for your artwork, will determine the size of your exhibition, consider this when choosing or creating your artwork for display. Don't forget, others at you workplace may want to display their artwork.

Note: Whilst Face of the City offers free artistic licence to everyone participating, LFH and it's Partners will not accept images or exhibitions that are offensive.

Q: Who will fund the exhibitions / artworks / displays?

A: Funding is the main obstacle for most projects, without Merseyside Expanding Horizons funding grant, Face of the City would still be on the drawing board.

Team Building Workshops: Organizations and Companies could provide "Team Building creative workshops", were their own staff work as a team developing their own artworks, performances or exhibitions.The finished creative work would then be exhibited at their own workplaces,forming their contribution to Face of the City. Funding for the workshops would come from their own Training budget.

Artwork: Most artists will fund their own creations, unless of course it’s a commission. You may be very fortunate, and have an employer/service provider who will partly/fully fund your individual/collective contribution to the project.

Display/Exhibition: The size and type of work displayed would be the main deciding factor for the cost of installation. A fashion show would obviously cost more than a single framed poem in a foyer, artists must be realistic in their expectations when developing their contributions. Some instillation's may require a qualified tradesperson, you may want a launch party, or add the display to your companies advertising campaign. It may sound obvious, but the owners and managers of the workplaces are just as important as the artists (if they’re not one in the same). The them and us mentality must be replaced with the “ours”, it’s up to us, the people who work in the City to make 2008 a year to remember.

Advice: Put your ideas down on paper, sit down with your colleagues and talk about Face of the City, discuss why your company or organisation should take part. Don’t forget the positive advertising your workplace will receive, and remember to use the three S’s: Simple, Safe and Successful. Good Luck.

Q: What benefits would I gain from being involved in Face of the City?

A: The worlds media and millions of extra visitors will descend on the City in 2008. This offers Liverpool and Greater Merseyside a golden opportunity to showcase the area as a place to visit, trade with, and invest in.

Face of the City offers the working community a chance not only to display their creative talents, but it also gives employers and service providers the opportunity to showcase themselves, as individuals and establishments who invest in people, real people, their people. Advertising executives will appreciate the marketing potential of having their own workplace promoted as being part of the Cities 2008 Cultural celebrations.

Q: Can professional artists be involved in Face of the City exhibitions?

A: The simple answer is yes, professional and semi professional artists are very welcome. LFH is compiling a list of professional artist and exhibition organizers who will (for a fee) help develop workplace exhibitions and displays. LFH is also looking at the feasibility of Liverpool art students providing the same service.

Liverpool as a City, will benefit from the 2008 buzz of creativity, if we all work together Liverpool will become the global destination for people wanting to view, commission and create Art, in all it’s genre.

Q: What are the timescale's for Face of the City and Liverpool Front House?

A: LFH are asking people to display their artworks at their own workplaces throughout the city centre, between 1st January and 31st December 2008. The Face of the City arts project is providing the vehicle for people to showcase their creative talents .The artists and their sponsors will decide the starting date and duration of their contributions.

Participants may want their displays to coincide with established events or marketing campaigns, this is fine with LFH. The aim of the project is to involve as many people as possible with the arts, not only the artists themselves, but also their colleagues, family, friends, and customers.

LFH will continue to exhibit selected artwork from the 2008 “Face of the City” alongside future projects, on it’s website. LFH trustees have discussed a “2009 Face of the City arts project“, possibly continuing on a biennial basis.

Q: Who is sponsoring Face of the City?

A: BBC Radio Merseyside, National Museums Liverpool and Merseyside Expanding Horizons are sponsoring and promoting the project. LCVS, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Liverpool Daily Post & Echo, PCS Union, Liverpool Business, and 08businessconnect will be promoting the project to it’s members and customers.

The number of sponsors and promoters is expected to increase as the project develops.

Q: Can my organisation be involved even if we have no public access to our workplace?

A: The simple answer, yes. LFH understands for Security and Health & Safety reasons, some workplaces in the city don’t allow public access. With this in mind, and to avoid confusion, non-public exhibitions will clearly state they are non-public when advertised.

This doesn’t translate to them being any less of a contribution to the project than public displays, all should have pride in the knowledge that they will play an active part in the success of the cities Capital of culture celebrations. In cases were workplaces don’t have space to exhibit their artwork, other suitable venues can be used.

As it’s Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year space will be hard to find and secure. If you have contacts, use them. Good luck.

This is an exciting and innovative project that really captures the spirit of the 2008 celebrations.

Councilor - Flo Clucas