Liverpool Front House - Face of the City


Face of the City was developed in response to Liverpool becoming European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Face of the City arts project, is encouraging Liverpool City Regions Working Community to create their own artwork and exhibitions, and display them at their own workplaces throughout the Liverpool city region.

The Liverpool region is a hive of creative people, walk into any shop, office, bar or any other workplace in the city and you will find sculptors, painters, thespians, writers, and comedians all waiting for the chance to show off their creative talents.

Face of the City offers people the opportunity to exhibit their creative work, whilst also acting as a catalyst for individuals, groups, business's and organisations to play an active roll in the follow on success of Liverpool's 2008 Cultural Celebrations.


Face of the City - Creative Partners -Working Together

Contact Paul Miller if you want to get involved in Face of the City or other arts projects.



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